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I'm sorry, you're just wrong. The sentiment is absolutely not there. The vast majority of Canadians look at America these days and just feel sorry for them. They were smart enough to elect (and re-elect) a good president but dumb enough to allow the country to be gerrymandered so much that loony right wingers get elected to office even though the majority voted for the other party. Canadians who keep up with current events and aren't bedazzled by empty Hollywood glitz and glamour know that Canada is a better and happier country. American exceptionalism is a hollow tenet.
As an American, I have to agree. There has been an exodus of emigrants to Canada lately as well. The quality of life in the U.S. is just not there anymore, and the country is not as healthy as it used to be. Many companies are dropping health care, and a basic health insurance policy costs (ironically) an arm and a leg. The price of real estate is unreasonable as well. I myself have been thinking about moving up North for a while.
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