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Default All hell broke loose @ Tecnifibre factory (3 unmatched TFights 295)

Hi there guys. Found an online ad with three cheap TFights 295. As i pursued this racquet when the model was announced, so i couldn't help myself and got them. They were pretty cheap thought, i got these three used for the price of half the cost of a new racquet.
I was terrorized when i weighted them, just to see the difference between them... I'm no usually very picky about this, because i never had problems with QC on my POG mids, my AG200 and when i did a customization for two HMPP of a friend they were actually perfect twins, and they were bought on different stores at different times.

But here we go:

I weighted them without the replacement grip and i got the same results. The three grips are exactly matched, and they weight 15g each.

They were weighted with the replacement grip ON!
Racquet A weights: 298g
Racquet B weights: 296g
Racquet C weights: 293g

It doesn't seem that much, but where i measured their balance i was in for a surprise.

Can any expert tell how can i match them in weight and balance? Leadtape is ok but i would rather not fiddle with silicone.
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