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Originally Posted by *Sparkle* View Post
I know. I've never understood the criticism that Andy is supposedly British when it suits him and that he needs to declare himself as either Scottish or British. Whether it suits him or not, he is always British, and always Scottish. He doesn't actually have any say in the matter.

I think the problem is that some English people struggle with the difference between British and English, so get confused and think he's denied being British, when he only (quite rightly) pointed out he wasn't English a couple of times. You say a Yorkshireman is from Lancashire, and he'll correct you quickly enough, but for some reason if a Scot says he's not English, he doesn't want to be British.

Great Britain is also a description of the land mass north of France, and east of Ireland, which won't change if Scotland becomes independent, so Scots will continue to be British, whether they like it or not. Just as Brits are all European, whether we like the EU or not, or even if we stay in the EU.

I find the terms confusing but i think the land mass is actually The British Isles and not Great Britain. If Scotland leaves the union they would cease to be part of Great britain (I think).
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