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Originally Posted by Antonio Puente View Post
It depends on where you are in Canada. Not sure if BC stands for British Columbia or not, but I've read polls suggesting it's as high as 20% in parts of Canada. Obviously, 20%(in parts) couldn't pass a referendum, but the sentiment is there, which is why I used it as an example. Similarly, a portion of Scotland would prefer to be independent, but that's unlikely to happen as well.
vernonbc is absolutely right. The overwhelming majority of Canadians would oppose joining the US.

What I think you are confusing it with is something else that I will try to explain. There has always existed in Canada something you could call the American Party of Canada (APC) (not a real party, but a kind state of mind) which consists of people that tend to fawn to the power of the US and tend to look up uncritically to almost all things American, and who have an overdevelopped sense of Canadian second-rateness. These people do exist; they are a small portion of the population of Canada, maybe 20%, I don't know. But the point I am trying to make is that even most of those people that belong to the ideological entity I call the APC, would be against joining the US. This kind of uncritical admiration does not translate into a desire to join them, but (at most) a desire to imitate them. And I would add that the behaviour of the US in the last decade of so has turned off even many of those people with a predisposition to admire them. In a referendum with a proposal to join the US, my guess is that something like 95% of Canadians would vote No.
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