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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Forget power. The only thing you'll find looking for more power from racquets is less control. Seek For power in string; settle for great feel and control in racquets.
Originally Posted by [d]ragon View Post
Try dropping the tension a few pounds
Originally Posted by marosmith View Post
Change string and add weight to he handle to deal with bigger serves.
Originally Posted by mcnota View Post
add 3-4g of lead at 12 and your backhand will be better

I currently use a full bed of ISO Speed 17L poly (cheap string and the tension is 58lbs. I'll try to drop the tension maybe to 50lbs.

I've already before adding lead tapes at 3 and 9, then tried also at 10 and 2, I noticed that my flat serves was heavier and the racket was more stable, though after the game, I'm already feeling some pain in my arms. I haven't tried adding lead tapes at 12 and in the handle.

Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
Head MicroGEL Radical MP
...You're welcome!
Hi, thanks! I've already tried this and it feels the same as my LM Radical MP, though I have not tried it in a game. It also felt less power but maybe due to the string used.

Originally Posted by bertrevert View Post
1. Head Youtek IG Instinct MP

I don't think this is the way you should go. When I tried it it had a small sweetspot, lacked power, and you had to swing it harder than a Radical. I think you might find it a step backwards. Thicker beam though.

(I now use BLX Pro Open.)
Thank you for this, now I can exclude the Youtek IG Instinct MP (the price is actually tempting since they are on sale). I'm just thinking that it may give a little bit more power because of thicker frame and 100cm head size, and it may help me with my backhand.

My first racket is a Prince Turbo Shark OS, and actually my 2handhed backhand before was decent with that racket. I just don't know why it is very hard for me to hit a backhand with my LM Radical MPs.

Originally Posted by mcnota View Post
add 3-4g of lead at 12 and your backhand will be better

the youtek ig newer head models are terrible imo
I see, actually I've already tried before a Youtek racket, Youtek Speed MP 18x20 and I did not like it (or it didn't like me ).

I'll try to look around again, actually I really need to replace them since the handles are already getting brittle and there are already cracks seen when I replaced the replacement grips. I just thought that I need a newer racket with slightly more power in it, 100cm head size, and a little bit easier to swing.

Thank you very much guys
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