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Default All Court Racquet Recommendations

Getting back into the game after a 15 year break and trying to figure out a good racquet to start with. All court control oriented game but would like a little pop in my racquet (like to slice and hit heavy topspin). Never played with a racquet head larger than 90 sq in, so I'm looking in the mid to mp range. No history of elbow or wrist issues (but would like a stick that is somewhat arm friendly). Based on this forum and TW reviews, I think I've narrowed is down to:

Volkl PB10
Wilson BLX 95 18*20
Head Graphene Speed Pro
Dunlop Max 200 Biomimetic

Not looking to demo right now (my strokes/game) won't be consistent enough that I'll trust my own feedback from racquet to racquet. Whatever I start with may be replaced within 6 months.....just looking for a solid racquet to ease my re-entry into the game. All thoughts are appreciated.
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