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The ancient Britons were a pagan Celtic/Basque derived race encompasing the whole of the British Isles - England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and subdivided over time resulting in territories England and Wales as Britons, and Ireland and Scotland as Britons, Gaels and Picts.
After the Romans left Britain, the Saxons invaded pushing the Britons West and North.
The Jute/Anglo Saxons, a confederation of Germanic tribes, were foreign invaders who eventually formed England and changed the language from Brythonic to German which became English and most place names were changed form their original British to Anglo Saxon eg Anglia, Essex, Sussex etc.
The indigenous language and culture were obliterated in most parts of England but even to this day the English, as do the Irish, Scots and Welsh, derive most of their gene pool from early pre Saxon Britons.
Like it or not folks, from a historical, political and racial perspective, we are British through and through.
In the story of King Arthur, note he was not an Anglo Saxon English king.
King Arthur was a Briton, king of the Britons fighting invading Anglo Saxon hordes.
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