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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
And I bet the reason is outside of Europe (and a few other places where they teach geography) no one knew whe the hell Estoril is! I bet 99.9% of Americans ,don't even know where Portugal is and couldn't find it on the map.
Want to arrange a bet that's 10% of your yearly salary for the rest of your life that I can prove this horrible assumption wrong with ease.

Originally Posted by gavna View Post
My friend..........they had some fun a few years ago testing Americans on geography.........something like 33% of those asked to point out FLORIDA on a map picked the location of CAPE COD, Mass --------- quite a few thousand miles to the north.

Show the avg Yank a map of Europe and they might, maybe just might get 3 or 4 of the countries. And I'm talking about college educated ones!

Portugal the "red headed step child" for sure overshadowed by Spain.........I'm French and knew where Estoril was when I was a kid......we learned about he whole Iberian region before I was 10!
You expect me to believe an American in college can't point out Florida on a map and would point to Massachusetts. Sorry, what did he ask like 5 American tourists who were drunk out of their mind and dropped out of high school? As I know zero people who went to college who can not distinguish between Massachusetts and Florida.

Please tell us about yourself, explain what makes you so qualified to make ridiculous assumptions about a whole nation? Congrats on learning about the geography of Spain, Portugal and Andorra by age 10! Hold on let me get you a gold star to tape your message board posts on your fridge.
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