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Default I feel your pain

I don't know if this should make you feel better (yours are closer than mine were) or worse (Tecnifibre won't care about your dilemma), but when they came out, having used several of the previous two generations of racquets, I tried the 320 V02 Max and even though it was lighter than racquets I usually use, I loved it. Best I have played with a racquet to this day. Bought another one and just could not hit the same. It turned out I loved the first, perhaps, because it was 324 grams, not 320. The second one: 315. That's a noticeable swing, and coming from the tighter controlled earlier models and even tighter Fischers, I could never get used it, and it didn't play the same to me even when matched with lead. I finally sold the light one, bought a 325, hit almost as well with it, and then just finally sold the one I loved.

I tried to get help from Tecnifibre while the racquet was still essentialy new, letting them know I owned and played the original 325, the 320, the 335, etc., and they said hey, the control is +/- 5 grams, and both are within control, so tough luck.

Almost ashamed to say I still play the 325 V02 (I tried to switch out of spite originally but still liked it best), but have been shopping recently for something else.

I hope the lead matching works for you, which it might given your difference is a little less severe.

I just played with the Tennis Warehouse tools to add 9 grams and end up with the same balance to make the adjustment, but I suspect the problem for me was the swingweights were never the same.

Good luck with your matching!

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