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Originally Posted by THESEXPISTOL View Post
Racquet A weights: 298g
Racquet B weights: 296g
Racquet C weights: 293g

It doesn't seem that much, but where i measured their balance i was in for a surprise.
On babolat rackets they display the weight as 320gr +/- 7 and Balance 320mm +/- 7.

You do not state the balance difference but there will a 2 to 3% tolerance on weight and balance for each racket out there (So in your case the weight is actually pretty close to the 295). So if you want them the same you have to get your rackets out of a big pile of rackets and sort out the one which are the close to the same.

Snauweart had in the past on the weight and balance on the racket. So 345 Grams 310 balance. There will always be a tolerance, because 347 will fall in the 345 and 348 will be 350.

But it is clear that a racket weighting at the lower range will play different than the one on the high range.

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