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Originally Posted by IgnatusP View Post
If you consider something that sells a lot to be good, then, by all means, Redfoo produces good stuff. By that standard, I suppose that Spam is good, as well as Honey Boo Boo and Billy Ray Cyrus' old dancing song.

When you have a public that is half way between moron and brain dead due to recreational drugs, what you you expect, Beethoven to be topping the charts?

It takes some special skill to produce something the public likes, but it also takes a special skill to recite the Pledge of Allegiance while burping, and if you give me a Sam Adams I can do that no problem.
I simply said it could never be called objectively bad.

I never said I liked it or that it was "good" to me.

In terms of competing against thousands of others writing songs every day and never even touching the top 40, yes it is good.

Your "special skill" could be learned after 2 beers. Horrible comparison.
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