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Originally Posted by Paullaconte1 View Post
That strange dude did the song about Azarenka grunt...

I heard the song in here... frankly speaking can't have an opinion.'s-grunt!

the song is as strange as the guy...In a way, it just seems he is trying to squeeze some money out it.

Now Redfoo is trying to enter the main draw of the US Open. I think he is just a bit nut and maybe he needs just some attention.

Question: does Azarenka really need this?
ps. this is also weird
I indeed heard it was possible to buy yourself a pass into the Grand Slams, although I thought it was only for the qualifying draw. That would be really disrespectful towards the players and fans if he does that. Obviously he won't win a game and it's a walkover for the "lucky" player that gets to face him, but I think his opponent will feel a bit annoyed that he has to play an entire 2 sets (or even 3 in the main draw) in front of a probably big audience against some stupid idiot that can't play tennis at all. Redfoo will probably joke around and do a lot of stupid stuff on court as well.
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