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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I simply said it could never be called objectively bad.

I never said I liked it or that it was "good" to me.

In terms of competing against thousands of others writing songs every day and never even touching the top 40, yes it is good.

Your "special skill" could be learned after 2 beers. Horrible comparison.
There's a set of criteria on what makes a good or bad song( similar to theater, film, fashion,etc.) Yes, this music is an art, but very low-tier and is only made for the general audience.

Those thousands of songs are from artists who simply don't hire the AAA music producers, AAA managers and promoters and don't have that "shock value" or "popularity". Are you going to see a random band from Seattle at the Grammys? No.

Him and other artists sell millions because the consumers are into the trend of music nowadays.

If Uwe Boll made a high-grossing movie, does that make him a good director?
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