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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
boredone, Moody was so strong that she did not lose a set in seven or eight years. Please consider this.
Lenglen was so good she won 7 tournaments without dropping a single game
Lenglen was so good she won a gold medal dropping just 4 games the whole tournament
Lenglen was so good she beat multiple time US Open champ Molla Mallory 6-0 6-0 in about 20 minutes
Lenglen was so good fellow players like Kitty Mckane Godfree and Elizabeth Ryan said she was by far the better player than Wills
Lenglen was so good she won their only match despite seemingly everyone on the planet including her own father saying she couldn't beat her
Lenglen was so good that from 1919-1925 she won pretty much every tournament she chose to enter.

Please consider that

I know the history of the women's game quite well, if you do not like my list, feel free to make your own one is stopping you from doing that you know.
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