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Originally Posted by jean pierre View Post
I think again that the question is not "who beated who", but "who had the best results". No doubt it is Vilas.
On this I will agree.And Ill say more: while most if not all posters that went through that era consider 1976 Connors the best player in the world, Id say Borg had by far the best record in 1976 and, similar to Vilas in 77, he deserves being regarded as the best in 76.

and it is even more evident that Borg was n1 in 76 than Vilas in 77.Borg won Wimbledon and WCT (over Vilas) and lost to Connors at the USO final.Connors, while having a favourable HtH against Borg (phily and Forest Hills), the same way Borg had vs Vilas in 77, just won a major title.

as I said, and I am not biassed towards any of the three players, 1976 Borg is a clearer n 1 than 1977 Vilas.Vilas maybe the 1977 n1 at the fotofinish while Borg secured his place when he reached the USO final against it or lose it, he was already ( only record based) the best player that year.
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