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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
I know the Australian regained bit to bit its old luster, starting in 1983 when Wilander,Lendl and Mc Enroe entered it.But WCT and MSG were majors at that or superior level well into the end of the decade.Top players would rather win those titles than the AO.

Take Mac, he never took that event too seriously and was even - and well deservedly- put off the Ao in 1987 or 1988, in that famous match with Pernfors.Would he do it at Madison or Reunion? No, i donīt think so.

Connors never played the AO.Did he skip the indoor majors ( if he qualified).No, he did not.
the list of top 11 seeds @ AO 87 :

lendl, becker, noah, edberg, leconte, mecir, gilbert, curren,jarryd,kriek, cash


seems a pretty legit field to me .......

would take WCT/Masters over AO from 72 onwards till 82 ...not after that ...
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