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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
abmk, As you blame me for every word or even letter , I must give this back: You yet wrote that McEnroe and Nastase were the only ones playing against topspin players. Read your post!

It's really not gentleman-like that you use your signation...

You seems to be that you are the last Federer admirer to whom I response. Maybe you will take it as an honour ...
I said :

"but out of those, nastase and mac are the only ones who played once topspin/power game came into prominence circa the early to mid 70s"

that doesn't mean others didn't play against "topspin"/"power" at all, just that on average, they played far less than the subsequent generations and used touch far more than the players in the subsequent generations ...

as far as the sig goes, I will change it once I get a funnier/more apt one ...... don't worry , that will be soon

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