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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
I said first years Agassi.He put a lot of spin, kinda american twist serve but the guy had normal size and didnīt have too much power on that.It improved later on but was never a great serve.

Muster,Vilas,Kodes,Hewitt,Wilander, Connors,Orantes and Rosewall are the modern era players that got the farest way without having a great serve.Some of them had a better serve ( a slighty better one Iīd add) than the others but none of them had a real great serve.I think Gerulaitis was considered a medium class server, but my recall is that he had a significant better serve than any of those mentioned.
I don't think you mentioned early years agassi in that post ... yes, in his earlier years, he used to spin it on more ........ later on he beefed it up ...

wasn't gerulaitis' 2nd serve considered quite a bit of weakness ?

none of those you mentioned had a great serve, but amongst the #1s, I don't think you can conclusively say rosewall didn't have the worst among them .....
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