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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
I don't think you mentioned early years agassi in that post ... yes, in his earlier years, he used to spin it on more ........ later on he beefed it up ...

wasn't gerulaitis' 2nd serve considered quite a bit of weakness ?

none of those you mentioned had a great serve, but amongst the #1s, I don't think you can conclusively say rosewall didn't have the worst among them .....
Rosewall serve was not big but angled and well placed.Not easy at all to attack, specially for he was a great mover and counterpuncher.One of the things I found out watching him live is how well, knowing his serve was not a winning weapon, used angles and constant change of placements.the use he made of his serve is IMo far better than the use connors did of his.

Gerulaitis definitely had a problem with his second serve.His first ball was pretty good, though
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