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Originally Posted by borg number one View Post
Kiki, that's a good take on 1976. As for 1977, with all due respect, there is no tournament close to the stature of Wimbledon. Winning that major is a big plus for Borg. That is a significant accomplishment, especially with how Borg prevailed over Connors in five sets to win it back to back. That final really was the match of the year, although the Vilas win over Connors at the US Open was also a classic. Also, the head to head record does play a part in this debate when you have three players with impressive accomplishments that year. You can look at the results at majors plus the Masters, biggest wins, overall record, non-major tourneys, results by surface, and head to head records, etc. in this discussion.
In 1977, Vilas won more Grand Slams than Borg, played more Grand Slams finals than Borg, won more tournaments than Borg, won more matches than Borg. So, even if Borg won their head to head, I think there is no doubt.
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