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Originally Posted by boredone3456 View Post
You can feel free to comment all you like, but . you want to call out everyone else for, in your mind, slighting other players, you had better be prepared to be called out and asked to put your own opinions and rankings down for the rest of us to see and criticize, unless of course you cannot take the criticism you are so quick to dish out.

Lenglen did win the match narrowly, Wills even at only 20 was phenominally good, so good Lenglens father forbid her to play Wills at all. She was a nervous wreck, not that Wills wasn't since many people expected her to beat Lenglen. Lenglen was for the first time in her life disobeying her father, who didn't think she could even win, and went on to win in straight sets coming from behind in both...that to me says a lot about who, in terms of ability, the better player might have been.

Now if you want to say Lenglen had weak field...fine feel free, many of the people who were contemporaries of Lenglen were also contemporaries of Wills, which therefore means if Lenglen had weak fields, than Wills had them as well...and therefore that argument is a wash. However I take the line that both were so good that made everyone look pathetic.

I never said Lenglen was miles ahead of Moody, you inferred that by the fact that I put the peak ability of other all time greats above hers. I also openly said any of those 8 women could be argued as number 1 because they were all that good.

Moody took up Lenglens mantle and dominated just like Suzanne did. Moody from 1927-1933 was the number one player in the world just like Lenglen was from 1919-1925. Both were phenominal..and in my GOAT list I co rank them as Wills Achieved more but in my mind..skill wise..Lenglen was better by a margin in terms of her pure peak level of play

But as hoodjem said this thread is just pure peak level of play and that achievements do not matter..and that's why I put Lenglen on top.
boredone, why so agitated only because I wrote that in my opinion Moody is not far behind Lenglen?

I did not even critisize you...
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