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Borg won the biggest major (not all majors are equal), did not play the FO (played under a WTT contract instead) but he beat Vilas twice on clay and once indoors, and also had a winning head to head vs. Connors too including the W win. I'd agree that Vilas may have better total results at all three majors combined, but you then also have to look at Borg's win over Vilas at the Masters. All wins and majors are not equal and Borg while losing to Connors at the Masters, beat him at Wimbledon. Borg also beat Vilas at the Masters, which was a big non-major. So, just total wins at majors is too simplistic. If you said that they are very close I'd agree, even though I'd give the edge to Borg. There is too much dispute for 1977 among many observers for there to ever be an unquestioned #1 for the year, but I understand your perspective Jean Pierre. I understand your view on it, but I must disagree with you on this interesting topic.
Bjorn Borg defied analysis. No one could manufacture a man that won 6 French Open and 5 straight Wimbledon titles. - Andrew Longmore

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