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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
Is prize money distributed fairly?

You could cover...
This is a good topic I agree but to write an item of that length you'd need tons of information on the splits/prize money as well as total revenue vs costs etc - information which isn't as easy to come by as you think. And, if you did get enough the issue might then be how to make it relate to each other evenly or factoring in details which differentiate them.

Picking a broader, more esoteric topic can sometimes be more practical for long essays as you can develop an argument (assuming that is the intention) with prose rather than comparing sets of data - such as "is tennis the toughest sport to excel at?" or "is tennis better than it used to be?" Not saying those are better topics but it's worth considering before leaping into what could potentially be a very information-heavy topic.

The topic Sureshs suggested above would seem an easier to write about one - it can be compartmentalised into various themes and lines of argument and the data you need is generally easily available.
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