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Originally Posted by Lonno View Post
Getting back into the game after a 15 year break and trying to figure out a good racquet to start with. All court control oriented game but would like a little pop in my racquet (like to slice and hit heavy topspin). Never played with a racquet head larger than 90 sq in, so I'm looking in the mid to mp range. No history of elbow or wrist issues (but would like a stick that is somewhat arm friendly). Based on this forum and TW reviews, I think I've narrowed is down to:

Volkl PB10
Wilson BLX 95 18*20
Head Graphene Speed Pro
Dunlop Max 200 Biomimetic

Not looking to demo right now (my strokes/game) won't be consistent enough that I'll trust my own feedback from racquet to racquet. Whatever I start with may be replaced within 6 months.....just looking for a solid racquet to ease my re-entry into the game. All thoughts are appreciated.
All depends on how you play, your level of play and your particular preferences. You've chosen 4 racquets which are actually very, very different to each other.

The PB10 (I assume you're referring to the Mid) is a heavy, flexy stick, with alot of its weight distributed towards either ends (known as 'polarized'). Swingweight (to me anyway) feels higher than TW's listed 320. If you've got long fluid, precise strokes, you may like it. It's the most demanding stick out of all of them IMO.

6.1 18x20 - ruled out due to your requirement for 'pop' and heavy topspin. It's a flat hitting stick. I played with this for years and it was only until I switched sticks that I realised how hard I had to work with the 6.1. To be honest, I'm surprised you haven't listed the BLX90. If you can handle the weight, its a beautiful playing stick, with a bigger usable sweetspot than you would expect for a 90.

G-Pro - I've only had a brief hit with this but I quite liked it. Flat hitting rather than heavy topspin orientated, and quite a bit of weight is located in the hoop (rather than more evenly distributed in the throat and handle) but it has solid feeling head. Nice racquet for hitting through the court and a fair amount of pop due to that head weighting. Headsize plays like something noticeably smaller than a 100.

200g Bio - haven't played with this but the swingweight might be a bit low. That said, it isn't something you couldn't potentially correct with a small amount of lead.

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