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Originally Posted by icarus180 View Post
Hi all,

I've just signed up for USTA membership and I'm asked to self-rate. I plan to play 4.5 doubles, but also want to cut my teeth in some 4.0 singles tournaments. If I self-rate at 4.0, can I still enter doubles tournaments at 4.5? Will I be able to play 4.0 singles and 4.5 doubles in the same tournament?

Sorry if I've missed similar questions on the forum.

Many thanks!
Any USTA league play is very very competitive. If you decide to self-rate yourself as a 4.5, be sure that you are a 4.5 or they will tear you apart. I would say that even the 3.5's are really good and a lot of guys who are above that ranking go down to lower levels to sandbag and win tournaments. If you focus a lot on strategizing then 4.5 may be an accurate fit, but a lot of people think they're intermediate just because they hit well and then they get blown off the court because the pairing and strategizing that goes on in intermediate-advanced doubles is more than just your hitting or playing ability. It's being on the same page as your partner. It's the organization they play, and off time drilling each other for certain moments to play certain shots.

What I would do is I would attend some open matches during match play check out a facility that hosts some 4.5 doubles and see if you fit in well with them. Like Charles Darwin. Through observation you find answers.

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