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Just had a good experience today: hit with the lady's EZONE 100 and although it's very powerful for me( I'm coming from a IG Prestige MP customized ), I did like the feel of the racquet and could hit some pretty nice shots. I did enjoy the hitting session but could surely use more weight and more flexiness. Maneuverablity was excellent, but just couldn't dial my 1HBH in.

After that, borrowed a 98D from a friend knowing that the 95D is much more similar to it than to the EZONE. I could control my shots better and spin production was insane. Also enjoyed the feel, and maneuverability was in an acceptable level, especially for my 1HBH. Power was still a little more than desireable and a little more weight would be welcome. The 16x20 stringbed worked very well and I didn't have any problems with the handle shape.

Given all that, I'm feeling that the 95D will be a nice choice. The only downside is that I'll have to start the search for a new string setup once again, but at least that's supposed to be a funny thing with new frames in hand.
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