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Originally Posted by Lonno View Post
My game (the game I had) doesn't have a primary trait....moderate swing length, topspin from the forehand side, quite a bit of slice on the backhand side.....basically a counter-puncher that is always looking for an opportunity to get to the net (but no dominant shot to get me there consistently on its own).
That sounds a little bit like a coach at my club, who also captains our 1st team. He's an Aussie guy who's plays alot of doubles and has a clever all court game without one dominant shot but he has every trick in the book and a game that leans towards S&V. He just loves his volleys and getting to the net, with a huge variety of serves that allow him to get there. Just to confuse your buying decision further he plays, believe it or not, with an old AeroPro Drive....

What racquet did you play with before? It might be an idea to start from there and see what the current day development of that would be. Also, if I was in your position, I'd be tempted to buy some racquets from e.Bay or from TW's used racquet service see what suits (I'm glad that you acknowledge that whatever you buy, you'll probably be changing in 6 or 12 months time once you've got your groove back). That way, they'll be relatively easy move on without losing too much money until you find something that definitely suits.

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