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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
I figured Kauffmann pulled Minc at 4 because he liked that matchup of Roberts/Smith better since they played at the indoors and Roberts won and he was thinking they could take the doubles point and 3 of the top 4 courts to get the win. I know the blog said it was a coaches decision. I think if Roberts pulled that match out you guys probably would have won.

The only score that really surprised me was the Rossi/Singh match. I figured if Rossi won it would have been in 3 but he must have been on today.
I agree I think from what I saw at #6, that if Grant won UK would have won the match.

Here is my summary:

#1 Rossi vs Singh

Go short guys! I was impressed at how powerful Singh was for a shortish guy(5'10"). He has an awesome forehand and serve. He's an awesome mover and when he takes the ball on the rise with that flat forehand it's almost always a point for him.

Overall what won it for Rossi was him playing at great great match. I don't think I have seen him serve and return so well. Singh did seem a bit out of sorts on his forehand hitting at least 10ish or so just long.

#2 Jomby vs Wagland

I don't think this was as close as the score let on. Jomby was the aggressor the whole match and seemed to be in control most of the time. He let his aggressiveness get to him in the second set causing a point and game? penalty. The third set was Jomby moving Wagland side to side and causing either an winner setup or an error off of Wagland's backhand side

#3 Pasha vs Gomez

I don't think that Gomez is going to recover from his fall injury this year. To me he looks like he is nothing but a big serve. If his opponents put the ball into play he has no weapons to hurt them. He's is either grinding or chasing down balls. Personally, I think this will be the downfall of most close matches for UK the rest of the year. This court is almost certainly a loss for them, as it has been most of the year against significant teams

#4 Smith vs Roberts

This match was the hitter vs. the retriever/counter puncher. Smith definitely like to control the points more often than not. Grant is fast though and loops the ball deep until he can get a point to attack. Too bad this court was the furthest down. They had some really good rallies what weren't the easiest to see.

#5 Pieters vs Lai

Not even close. Lai was getting punished by the height of Pieters' shots. I don't think Lai is quick or perhaps tall enough to face this caliber of player. On most of the service returns that I saw Lai had to reach up at a stretch to return Pieters serve, and because of that was on the defensive the whole match

#6 Brasseaux vs Pennington

I had never seen Pennington play before and I was pleasantly surprised. He seems like a smaller version of Rossi. Brasseaux, go short guys!, was a bruiser and fought back from 5-3 to send it into a tie break. Overall though I think that Pennington was more in control more often than not.
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