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Update: Got the 99S 2-3 weeks ago and couldn't get used to it. It felt weird in terms of balance and stability.

So I went out and got some lead tape. 3 and 9 o'clock positions lead tape helped A LOT. It helped with control and I can really plow through the ball now.

Also, I was strung with Luxilon 4G and I felt the longer I played with it and the more I left it on the string bed, the better the racquet played!

Crazy top spin with this racquet if you use semi-western forehand grip. Lots of bite on slice too. My slice serve is just deadly. The opponent gets pulled way past the doubles alley when I serve.

The grip is crazy comfortable but I must say, my touch shots aren't spectacular with this racquet. A lot of dropshots turned into errors and drop-volleys always dropped into the net or too deep.

Overall, it is a great baseliner's racquet. I hit a lot of people off the court with this racquet because of the combination of spin and power. MAKE SURE YOU GET LEAD ON 3 and 9 OCLOCK!!!
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