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Sounds like a couple of guys that are in denial. I don't say that just to be on your side because you are posting. I say that for this reason. If they lost 2 and 1, they clearly had some more serious issues going on then the two line calls you may have gotten wrong. I have run into players like that. I don't think you were wrong persay.
I think everyone is entitled to do as they wish as long as it's not in interfere with the match or the points if you will. It's up to the other person or team to not let it get into their head. I let a guy ramble on and on for the entire first set of a match a couple of tourneys ago. I eventually go off and let him have it. After one of the directors or whatever come on to the court to calm things down. He shuts up and we finish them off. Some people are out there to raise hell and not to play Tennis.

The worst thing they can do is call a ref. That means they have to start playing and stop all of the nonsense. You are right...the best thing that could have happened is they called a referee out.

Originally Posted by andyaycw View Post
Second season for me in USTA league, first time advancing to playoffs. Could this situation have been handled better and what do you think of our opponents?

Doubles league match, I am playing the Deuce side. Down 0-1 in the first set, opponent hits a 1st serve out wide which I call out. He takes a 2nd serve. Very next point, opponent's serve looks long, but too close to call as I figure it may have hit the very, very back of the line. I call the serve good, play continues.

Few games later: we are now up 2-1. Opponent hits a ball in the very corner of the Ad court. My partner calls it out (looks out to me as well...but IF it were in, it may have clipped the outside edge of the line). Opponent protests saying it was inside the line, and says it is the second bad call (references the first serve out wide which I called out). They request a referee. We win the next point and I shout "come on!". Okay, my bad probably shouldn't have done that as it just upset our opponents even more, says something like is that a smart remark? I ignore and keep my mouth shut the rest of the match.

We won the match 2 and 1, and afterwards I thanked our opponents for calling a referee because we wanted a fair match as well.

Who was in the right, who was in the wrong? I am surprised our opponents called a referee as there were probably 4 close shots leading up to that 4th game, two of which we called good, and two called out. Did they really think we were trying to intentionally hook them on calls with that track record, especially so early on in the match on relatively unimportant points?

Since returning to tennis (somewhat) competitively, I have played close to 15 league matches, and I can't even remember being questioned on any line calls leading up to this match.

Thoughts? It's a shame takes away the feeling of this win, no matter how legitimate it was.
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