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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
What does everyone think about what I said on the other page?
"when beta is closer to 0, gravity forces wrist ulnar devation, but when it's closer to 90, it forces supination (which is why it was said that the hammer grip opens up the racquet more)."

Or this. "Unfortunately, I can not extended it much more than a hair away from my middle finger while using the hammer grip, so it doesn't look like I can fully utilize an increase of torque with an increase of WW-like pronation." Does anyone hit with an extended index finger on a hammer grip?
Can someone comment on the stuff above?

I've been looking at this thread, and even though my main question has been pretty much answered (about the effects of an extended index finger on the fh), I feel like something is incomplete since we went down like 3 different topic paths haha. Like I said, the index finger path is pretty much solved, I'm not to worried about the serve path until I take the time to try everything out (I will say this, though - to me, hitting with my fingers bunched together but in a pistol grip feels just as good as when the index finger is extended on the pistol grip, I wonder why that is. I'm hoping for some good video weather soon!), but it's the beta angle topic that's stuck in my mind now. More specifically, the implication (or what I interpret to be an implication) that beta angle is predominantly to fully dependent on using the pistol or hammer grip. I'm just not seeing this as true. I do believe that the higher the beta angle between the forearm and the racquet, the more spin can be produced. But I think a high beta angle can be achieved by either grip.

Now, that's not saying that it's just as easy for both grip positions. Is it easier for one grip (pistol or hammer) more than the other to naturally get this high beta angle when using the SSC? Or maybe the key for either grip to achieve a high beta angle to make contact far out in front of the body? So unless there is a clear answer saying it's easier for one grip more than the other, I would lean toward it being making contact far out in front of the body, just like my modified tennis coach said way back when haha. I can't say it for sure right now bc im seeing a noticeable difference between how "far out" contact is made between straight arm and double bend forehands. In general, DB seem to be closer to the body, which makes sense since bending the elbow shortens the swinging radius and limits how far out they can actually swing. Yet, DB forearms can still get a plenty high beta angle. So maybe it's making contact out in front as far as your stroke technique will allow?

I think that's all I want to say tonight before I lose track of the main point haha
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