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Originally Posted by racingdad23 View Post
Talking about digging out a old post from the grave. But I felt if this just helps ONE young person from not smoking its a well worth bringing this back up.

Its been 7 years since this thread started and ended and many years since Ive been active on the forum here. And also many attempts for me to quit 31 years of smoking failed. Here is your update..... I finally quit smoking permanently Jan 30th, 2012. Now comes the important part and please listen closely. It was Jan 30th 2012 the day I quit.....the day I had my first (of two) heart attacks.....the day BEFORE I died and had to be shocked back to life.... The day before I had to be flown in a helicopter to waiting surgeons.....The day before my life changed forever.....the first day of racking up a $176,000 medical bill last year.....and the day many many people dont live through.

Im now 48 years old, no family history of heart disease. Not overweight, actively playing tennis and other sports. No reason to have a heart attack. What I do have is Coronary Artery Disease directly due from a lifetime of smoking. And the thing that I will most certainly and eventually die from.

Why?? Because I thought it was cool to smoke at 16 years old and thinking I could quit at any time. My choice last year was to continue to smoke and die or quit smoking and live. I choose to live. You have a choice and I pray you make the right one.

This is no ******** and the story is very real and so is this statement....

SMOKING is not cool.
Thanks for sharing that moving story. Actually a few months ago, a well known tennis coach in Houston, Harry Taylor, suddenly passed away in his late 60s..and he happened to be a chain smoker.
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