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Originally Posted by Sup2Dresq View Post
I need close up pics of Tipsa's frame. Need to know what TF he usin. Also if you can steal his glasses you get free beers from me for like a week or something.
I can get you pics and specs of his racquet right now? Drakulie strung them up and has pics. Want them or maybe you can do a search?

If I steal his glasses, they are worth way more than a week of beer.

I'm stuck in traffic. I feel like Im back in DC! This is what you get when you ask a Fort Lauderdale local for a short cut.. next time ask a Miami local. FML![/QUOTE]

If he got them posted I will search.

But the glasses, would be more for you rung above the Fonz on the coolness ladder. Plus the Beers would be Natty Bo's by the 30 pack hand delivered by me in a ford F-150 short bed stepside. I figures 14 30 packs is like a weeks worth right?

Now get those glasses or goggles or whatever they were.

I will up the beer to a month if you can steal Chris Sabo's Glasses or goggles or whatevers.

Touched by his Noodly Appendage

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