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Originally Posted by MadisonTennis View Post
Trout, I found the Organix V1 MP to be a great racket but I went up in tension. I tried TB at 52# in mains and Gosen Micro at 55# in crosses but found it strain my elbow. The 3 set ups that I am using are: Cyclone at 52# mains/Gosen Micro at 55# crosses, WC M Bite at 52#/Gosen at 55#, and just trying the new TB Soft 17 at 54# Mains, Gosen at 56# crosses. I really like that new TB and am no longer having elbow issues. I have found all 3 set ups nice and the control is great without any elbow or shoulder issues.

thanks for the input. Ive tried the tb soft in a pb7 but i went too low with it and crossed it with a rough multi, which killed any snapback of the strings, hated it. Sounds like the 54/56 with a smooth cross may be a good setup to try. which gosen cross are you using?
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