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Also recommend a look at the Prestige line. If you want some more juice from your gear and prefer the Head grip shape in your hand, you ought to think about a heavier alternative to your LM Radical that also has some flex.

I had a pair of LM Radicals a while back and found that they had a sort of governor in terms of the high end of their power... for me. No matter how I strung them up, I could only put so much of a thumping on the ball. Adding lead on both the hoops and grips of my Radicals was helpful, but I didn't keep them. My racquets have always had 12+ oz. heft and while those Radicals were certainly easier to handle and delivered rather nice feel, they were too lean and unstable for my game.

If you're concerned about the maneuverability of a heavier Prestige or something else, you can consider trying some lead on the handle to get yourself some extra head-light balance and probably some quicker handling. Even though my Radicals were "middleweights" in their stock layout, I liked them even more when they had some more HL balance - even before I added lead to their hoops. The truth is in the demos!
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