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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
queens is neutral spot? at least I had the common sense to propose a location equal distance to both.

i am not asking you to come to my township, i used that to show how ridiculous it is to ask me to go to queens.

I am at exit 7, what exit are you, why don't we find the exit in the middle, and get to the courts closest to that exit, and get it over with.... we can get other ttwers to be lines persons, ball persons, umpire and camera crew... I am sure there will be lots of volunteers.
Your the one challenging me to a tennis match. I don't even want to play your lame ***. I don't know where exit 7 is. I'm not by an exit you moron.
If your challenging me to a match why can't I specify location? I've never even played tennis at the us open courts. Its fair for me to do so according to the man rules of dueling.
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