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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
I said pick a date you said Sunday;
you said where I said New Brunswick;

now you backing out on both.... how about you post your GPS location and I post mine, we find the mid point on google map and find the nearest court to that mid point... forget about exits.

sorry frog person... it's not happening and you can see why.
If you challenge me to a match. I get to pick a location. Its that simple. Nothing to do with mid point. I have no idea where you live. Start again. I agree to your challenge. It is within my rights according to the man code to specify location. I don't see how that is wrong. I say lets play in queens us open courts. If you agree to this we can pick a date.
Once again. You called me a coward to play you. I don't have any desire to play you but I will accept because you challenged me. Now you need to man up and actually get to the courts.
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