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Wow no wonder why you get no power, poly at 57, in a LM. Drop the tension to 50 or as much as you can handle, or switch to multifilaments at around 54, you will have more than enough power. If you don't like it you have 2 "cheap options" the first as someone said before the Head Radical MG MP should give you around 5% more power with the same setup and its around $90, or try the "old" blade 98 for $ 150. For the expensive options you can try the new blade 98, and if you want to go the 100'' way the babolat apd gt is 150 and the new one 200 (this is the most powerful racquet of all the ones I'm advising you) or the Head ig speed 18x20 150, or the nw speed pro graphene 18x20.
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