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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
so now the 'man code' is your excuse.

so you are willing to travel to these 'open tournaments in NJ', where the chance of actually playing me is close to zero....

but for mano-o-mano match, you won't get out of queens.

how much sense does that make.
I don't live in queens. I've never played there. If your going to call me a coward you need to make an effort and actually play me. I'm not obligated to play you. In fact I don't even want to because your a fool. But your insistent challenge and calling me a coward I will accept the match. Queens is easily doable for both of us. I don't see it as an obstacle.

If you stand by your challenge man up and lets play. Why should I make it all nice amd easy and meet you where you want? You issued the challenge. So come play you coward.
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