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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
queens is NOT easily doable... do I get to call you names since you are calling me left and right..

you proposed Sunday, you asked me 'where', you implied that you are willing to travel to NJ....

so now you are hiding in queens.

oh well.
If I start giving idiotic coaching advice yes you can tell me the truth and call me a fool. Because you are a fool.

I am willing to travel to nj. But I don't want to because your an idiot. And if your the one issuing a challenge I want to make it not all easy for you to play. Make you give some sort of effort. Because you are basically insulting me by calling me a coward. So drive a few miles and lets play.

Once again. I forgot sunday was a holiday weekend. I asked you "where" before I thought about making it easier for you. I don't want to make it easy for you because I don't even want to play you. So again.

You issued the challenge. I accept. You know where. Are we going to play? Girly man? Or are you going to keep sayimg you can't make the few miles to queens? Your mom has to have the car that day?
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