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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Hi Tom!

The long explanation:

Cheetah called it the Sharapova when I did this, a few months ago (upper right pic):

Note the cocked back wrist and lack of any pat the dog position. This is typically associated with the "WTA forehand." I have since tried my best to not **** the wrist and presupinate, but apparently it cause this disconnect between the arm/hitting structure and the body.
Thanks for the link Greg. Interesting article. I think that on many forehands I do what the article says is not the optimum. That is, I supinate rather than pronate at the crucial milisecond interval -- thereby being generally an FHT-1 rather than an FHT-2. Maybe I should pay very close attention to what you're working on.

Anyway, the Sharapova thing isn't the Graf thing that I was thinking of. The Graf thing, which Sharapova does too sometimes, has more to do with the whole shape of the topspin forehand stroke, including the follow through, when the hitting arm extension is somewhat less than optimal. Borg used to do it also. Sort of a somewhat 'squeezed' roundhouse topspin stroke with a sort of 'forced' or 'exaggerated' coming over the ball.

Not sure if I'm describing it accurately. If you're curious I could find some video examples. I haven't noticed you doing it.
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