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Originally Posted by Mateo View Post
Now downsides, my Gpro felt little head heavy and I had some trouble on timing my shots, because my prince exo was little more head light, so the leather grip is installed on Gpro. I didn't hit with that setup jet, but its feels much easier to swing. Now with leather is about 341 gram.
Other thing is stiffness, racquet plays really soft for 67 stiffness, and after hitting for 3 hours my biceps muscle is little in pain, but that is all on me because previously I was playing with exo tour, so my arm needs to get used too little stiffer racquet.
Hybrid strings are bad choice, at least poly main, multi cross, for my game there is not enough bite at the ball, so I will string it with full poly this week. Strung weight for hybrid was 23/22 kg, and that is from my opinion lowest, because power is really on edge.
Gut mains and poly crosses work really well with this frame. I find it offers good spin and softens the racquet a bit. I never manage to be able to play with a 18x20 string pattern racquet until this particular racquet came out.

I know what you mean by it being a little stiffer than what I am use to having used a PSTGT which is slightly softer. My suggestion would be to use silicone injected into the handle to soften the racquet. I did this and it helps to reduce some of that stiffness and also make it a little more headlight.

The racquet is polarized so it does feel a bit head heavy but to me it's one of the easier racquets to generate swing speed.
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