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Default Plastic Bags For Customer Racquets

When purchasing a new racquet, I've always liked getting my racquets in the plastic bag with the rubber band around the handle. I've seen this done when racquests are restrung as well. Since I've always strung my own racquets, I've obviously never done this but was wondering if people do this for their customers and what the feedback has been.
I browsed online and saw some ridiculous prices for plastic bags ($10 for 12 bags, for example) and would also like to find some cheaper alternatives. I'm sure I'd have to order in bulk but that wouldn't be a problem if the cost per bag is worth the higher upfront cost. Also, if others have had positive feedback from doing this.
Also, where would people recommend purchasing the bags from? Uline? And what size... I think I read 36x16, but wanted to get some additional insight on this.
Sorry for rambling... in between meetings and wanted to put my thoughts out there. Thanks in advance everyone!
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