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Originally Posted by PhrygianDominant View Post
I disagree. Blake has overcome a lot in his life, and was really highly rated for a while. He also has a degree from Harvard and has made TONS of money playing a sport that has never been very popular in his home country. I think he would be ever more successful if he had grown up in a more tennis friendly country, where he was the #1 player and had the added support and benefits of that position.
Top ten moronic post............who packs all those stadiums at IW, USO, Cincy - Sony was a sellout AGAIN this weekend. Every year the majors like the USO and IW set attendance records......even a lowly 250 in Houston (American Football country) is already sold out for the week and the event is in April.

Family Circle for the women also sells out fast!!!!!

No tennis is not one of the big 4 American sports but please Tennis is very big here.
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