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Originally Posted by ssgator80 View Post
I hope you are a patient man, Jag. LOL. Last time I played at Vistana, they had one court with an adjacent tree that hung way out over the court. Nice and shady but made lobs out of the question. Jag - you could get that court and eliminate Mikeler's go to shot. LOL
When your opponent is 4 feet tall, it is very effective.

I saw this interview with Toni Nadal in the Pro Player discussion. Were you running this tournament?

Q. In Sao Paulo he suffered lot against Alund and Berlocq. Was the situation complicated due to the state of the courts and balls in the Brazilian tournament?

A. No doubt. Itís true that Rafael was playing badly because of all I said before, but the reality is that the height had its influence, The courts were not in very good condition and the balls were really a disaster ...

Q. Jose Perlas described them as supermarket'balls '.
A. It's what they were.
I feel bad for the organizers because when you go to play somewhere itís ugly to badmouth a place where you have been treated well. But I donít blame the tournament because of a tournament organizer doesnít have to know how the balls are. I blame Wilson [the brand of balls used during the tournament in Sao Paulo] and I blame the ATP. They canít allow this type of balls. Itís the same as in Madrid: the promoter can do what he wants, he can try to play even in a disastrous court. That's wrong, but in the end itís the ATP who must give permission. I do not think this would have happened in other sports. I donít think in the Formula One they donít control where they compete. I donít think anyone says, "Let's run here and we'll see how it goes". I donít think b y any means think that this is so. The same in Golf. When you organize a tournament they come to control the field because that's whatís normal. Not even that does the ATP. I find it incredible.
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