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Default How to put your own power

Today I played against a pusher, you could say. It wasnt very bad. He was very consistent but not that kind of pusher you loose your mind though.

I lost but the thing that caused me more trouble wasnt that everything came back, it was that his shots had nothing on them. Deep, but ver slow.

When I tryed to accelerate the ball normally it would sail long. I hit the ball and try to play within my comfort zone, but i HIT the ball. But against this type of players that just give you junk I seem to have trouble.

I am a 3.5 player. I can hit the ball with some power and good spin. At the end of the match the guy told me I should have won.. but made lot fo stupid mistakes.

What to do in this situation? In one part of the game I was hitting more flat taking the ball with a compact stroke ( l Tomic) and the worked. I won 8 / 10 points.. but then I stoped doing it.

Thanks in advance
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