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Yeah I am always right.

Now, question is how not to become tight? Lots of advice out there like you are not playing for money, don't worry about losing, etc. But you know that losing does not matter, yet you become tight, so such advice doesn't work.

What works are 2 things: keep breathing properly (don't hold your breath), and have a strategy, like I am going to attack from wherever I am, or if I get a moonball, I am going to moonball with even more spin, or I am going to attempt an overhead smash of the moonball after it bounces. If you don't have a strategy, you become reactive. The pusher is waiting for you to hesitate between moonballing a moonball back, or to smash it (something you never practice off a bouncing ball in the backcourt, so likely to go wrong). The hesitation is enough to screw you up. But if you have a strategy (I will moonball it back, or I will reduce the height by topspinning it with a flatter trajectory, or I will smash it with 80% speed only), you remove the hesitation from your side and remove the mind from the equation.
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