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Originally Posted by Govnor View Post
I have limited experience with pushers, but my limited experience tells me that they like to go side to side at the base line. That is their comfort zone. So why give them what they want?

Drop shot/Lob. Bring them in to the net even when your instincts tell you not too. Get them going forward and backwards, not side to side.

Anything short, be aggressive yourself and come into the net (even if that isn't your comfort zone either). Change the "look" of the match.
There are pushers who like to go forwards and backwards too. When at the net, they just try to push the ball towards where you are not, instead of actively attacking it.

The overhead smash of a high bouncing ball is very effective, even if done at less than 100%. But it is seldom practiced.

I agree that some form of offense is needed.
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