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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Yeah I am always right.

Now, question is how not to become tight? .........

What works are 2 things: keep breathing properly (don't hold your breath), and have a strategy, .......
A good breathing tip in a book by a guy named Dave Ranney is to make sure you exhale at the proper time. Not just as you strike the ball, but a bit before. He recommends starting a light, sigh type exhale as the ball bounces coming toward you (or just as a serve is being struck when you are returning). You have to continue the controlled exhale until after you have hit the ball.

He claims that many people hold their breath as they hit and this contributes greatly to tensing up. I have found it almost impossible to tense up your body as you are exhaling.

When I remember to focus on this I do play looser and hit more consistently. I haven't practiced this enough to do it without thinking.
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