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I cannot see Sam Paul being in the hot seat because of one off year. They upset Duke one year ago, and have a good recruiting class coming in next year, including the #1 ranked recruit in Ronnie Schneider, with only one starter graduating, so they will definitely be better next year.
OK, so put yourself in the AD spot. Do you keep Paul on for another year or two and let some other school take Tripp as their coach or do you hand the reigns over to the next generation? There is no doubt they will be much better next year, but every AD has to look at the future of their program. I guarantee you that Tripp will be offered quite a few head coaching spots at the end of the season and he has been very patient the past 6 years.

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Likewise, Stanford is quite young and their best players are all freshmen and sophomores. I would imagine an A.D. would watch and wait to see how they do next year before worrying too much about this year.
I'm sorry but their freshman and sophomores are not the top freshman and sophomores in the country right now so they are not going to stand up to any top 15 team for years to come. At very best they are #4 in the Pac 12. That may cut it at some schools but not Stanford.
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